NOTE: Click on any photo to make it larger – Then click on the back arrow key to return to this page The water collected in this tank during the rainy season will provide enough water for the hospital during the dry season next spring

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The future location of the water storage tank will replace the current tennis court. Looking west towards the front of the hospital. The workshop and backup generator are in the building to the right. After the completion of the water storage tank, a new tennis court will be built on top of the new water tank  

Tennis court and future water storage tank location looking west

100_3755 100_3769
Water tank construction review with the workshop and generator rooms above on the north side of the tennis court Water tank design review
100_3767 100_3770

A ground breaking ceremony took place on Friday February 20, 2015

Pun Narayan, our Pastoral care supervisor shared from the Word and prayed for the work
Start of Construction 1 Start of Construction 2
Dr Rachel at the ground breaking ceremony Many of the Tansen Hospital staff attended the ground breaking for the new water tank. The concrete tank that will be built will fill the entire space of the tennis court
Start of Construction 3 Start of Construction 4
Excavation for the new water tank with the removal of the tennis court. A new tennis court will be rebuilt on top of the new water tank Looking west towards downtown Tansen
DSC01893 DSC01894
Part of one building had to be remove for construction equipment and dirt removal Between the building looking west
DSC01895 DSC01896
From the other side of the building with a ramp for the equipment and dirt removal The work shop and backup generators are in the building to the right
DSC01897 DSC01898
The new water tank will start out lower and will be the same size as the old tennis court Construction has started and should take about 5 months to complete
. DSC01899 DSC01900
Looking west towards the front of the hospital Excavation for south down hill footing looking west
DSC01901 Image9
South down hill footing wall being installed looking west Level base of concrete for the water tank looking west towards the front of the hospital
Image8 Foundation floor 2
Level concrete base for the water storage tank looking east Re-rod steel for base footing looking west
Foundation floor 1 Image1
Re-rod post support post looking west Base footing re-rod and support post
Image4 Image3
Checking the binding The foundation re-rod and upright post connectors
june5 Water tank post rerod
One of the two drainpipes to be imbedded in the raft
Rotary club of Palpa RI district 3242 Tansen Palpa
United Mission Hospital Water tank construction check presentation and Palpa District earthquake victim relief help check presentation date Jestha 8, 2072

Place: United Mission Hospital meeting hall


View of check from the Rotary Club of Palpa

Rotary banner Rotary check for water tank
Presenting the Rotary check in Tansen, Nepal for the water tank project Rotary Club members view the presentation of the check
Rotary presenting the check for the Tansen Hospital water tank Tansen Rotary
Starting the final stage of pouring the base foundation Dr. Rachel Karrach with part of the building team
June8 june7
Re-rod and post support Re-rod for base footing and wall
june1 june2
Re-rod post support Access to the work is narrow
june3 june12
The steel kicker form around the exterior Starting the pouring of the base
june10 june13
Several times a slump test is made to monitor the quality of the slurry Slump test
june11 june14
So much materials needed that the hospitals expedition area is blocked Work completed on May 2nd, 24.00 hours
june15 june16
Post support for top of water tank/tennis court Looking west
IMG_1074 IMG_1076
 Top layer rerod looking west  Top layer rerod end view looking east
 Rerod top layer  Rerod top 2
Pouring the top of the water storage tank November 2015 The pouring of the concrete took 2 full days
w3 w2
It will have to set and dry for a few weeks. Construction workers
w1 w4
Top of water tank Top of water tank
w5 w6
Looking towards the front of the hospital Looking west
Image11 Image10
Access hole to water tank Inside water tank
Excavation2 watertank inside a
Water tank access Water tank wall brace
Water tank access Water tank wall brace
South wall of water tank Water tank from above & start of construction for the new oxygen plant
watertank pumphouse a watertank for above
Access holes to water tank Looking east towards the front of the hospital
watertank manholesa watertank overview a
Tennis court fence and floor Tennis court fence and floor
63-02-tennis-court fence 63-03-tennis court
Looking northeast towards oxygen plant North wall of tennis court
63-04-tennis-court 64 north-wall
South work shop wall Oxygen plant construct east of tennis court and water tank
64-02-north-wall 65-02-walls-up
Wall painting  Tennis court/water tank & roof of oxygen plant
Wall painting 65-03-oxygen-tennis
 Playing on top of water tank  Playing on top of water tank
 67-01 tank top games  67-02 tank top games
 Active play on top of water tank  Pray for rain
 67-03 tank top games  99 top game

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