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Water Tank Project

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Nepal is the second water-richest country in the world, but the infrastructure is not in place to capture it, with the vast majority flowing to India. As a result Nepal as a country frequently faces the problem of water shortage.  You will find long lines of people queuing for water during the dry season. The hospital over the years has built storage tanks to allow for the capture and retain as much water as possible, however due to increasing patient numbers our resources are being stretched. The past few years we have had to buy water in via tankers to keep the hospital running.As you can imagine, providing good care care to patients requires a consistent source of water.Due to the mountanous terrain, it is difficult to drill wells.  Most of the water in the area comes from springs or small rivers.  An important supplemental source of water is rainwater.  We try to harvest rain water by having gutters which are connected to underground water tanks.  During the monsoon season, the rain water exceeds the capacity of all of our water tanks.  If this water could be collected and stored, it would help us through the dry months of summer.  At times when the water level is low, we have to cancel surgery or send patients away.

We have obtained a construction estimate. The design of the underground water tank needs to be sufficiently robust to withstand earthquakes and land shifts (which are common in this region). The tank would hold 1 million litres of water, and the projected is estimated to cost US$ 250,000. A tank this size and of this quality would allow us to provide water for our hospital’s needs for many, many years to come.

Please do pray about this as it is clearly a huge undertaking, but one we feel will be a huge asset to the hospital for the future. If you would like to donate towards this you can send money directly or by cheque. Please see p15 of Friends of Tansen showing options for giving.